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suit hire in leicester for royal ascot

Mens Clothing Guidelines for Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is the most prestigious event in the racing calendar. Ascot brings with it an array of dress codes for both men and women.

Are you familiar with the Royal Ascot Dress Code?

Here at Christopher Scotney we make it our business to keep abreast of the clothing requirements for men at Royal Ascot. Whether you choose to hire your outfit from our Hirewear Store or buy from our Designerwear Store, we will have you perfectly kitted out for Ascot in no time.

Royal Enclosure:

ascot suit hire for royal enclosureGentlemen within the Royal Enclosure are asked to wear the following:

  • Black or grey morning dress (tails):
    Black tailcoats should be worn with black or grey pinstriped trousers. Grey tailcoats should be worn with plain grey trousers of the same cloth.

    You can choose to either hire or buy your Royal Ascot tailcoat from us. We stock a full range tailcoat sizes in three different lengths.

  • A waistcoat:
    Traditionally this would be buff or grey, but a little eccentricity is now allowed so you can choose whatever waistcoat you would like to wear.

    We have a wide range of waistcoats which are perfect for Royal Ascot in our mens hire shop. This year we have added a number of double breasted waistcoats to our collection, which are proving extremely popular with racegoers.

  • A tie:
    Your tie can be of any colour. We would suggest avoiding clashing your tie with your waistcoat. As of this year (2014), cravats are no longer allowed.

    Visit our designerwear store to choose from a huge range of ascot ties from every colour in the rainbow!

  • suit hire for royal ascotShirt:
    A white or pale coloured shirt with a regular collar.

  • Black Lace Up Shoes:
    You can hire a pair of shoes from us, or visit our store to choose shoes from designers including Jeffery West, Oliver Sweeney, Paul Smith, Armani and Hugo Boss.

  • A top hat in black or grey.
    Black tends to be seen as the more correct option in terms of an Ascot top hat. However, grey is also acceptable. Strictly speaking an Ascot top hat should be 1 inch taller than a regular top hat. We carry Ascot top hats as part of our men’s hire collection.

    You should wear your top hat at all times unless in a restaurant, private box, private club, private terrace, private balcony or private garden. Hats can also be removed within any enclosed seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden.

    Customisation of top hats is not permitted.

Boys (aged 10-16) should follow the gentleman’s dress code, or wear a dark coloured lounge suit with a shirt and tie. Boys are not required to wear a hat.

Grandstand Admission:

Gentlemen with Grandstand Admission can choose either to dress according to the Royal Enclosure Guidelines or the Grandstand Guidelines which require a smart suit with a shirt and tie.

It is worth noting that in previous years men were allowed to wear trousers and a jacket in the Grandstand at Royal Ascot. However, this year (2014) a matching suit combination is required.

royal ascot dress code

We can hire you a lounge suit for Ascot from our mens hire store or visit our Designerwear Store and choose from hundreds of hand picked suits from designers including Pal Zilleri, Armani, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Nicky Wallace and Gerard Connolly.

Boys (aged between 13-17) within the Grandstand should wear a suit or jacket with a shirt and tie. Boys of 12 or younger should be dressed smartly but are not required to wear a shirt or tie.

Silver Ring and Heath Encloure:

There is no formal women or men’s dress code within the Silver Ring and Heath Enclosure at royal Ascot. However the Royal Ascot guide does state that racegoers are encouraged to wear smart clothes.


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